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The Fighting Moose

Mar 31, 2020

Today, we continue on with “The Snow Queen” as we read story 4 of 7. What books are you reading right now? I hope it's a good one! I just got done reading “Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit” written by Johnathan Rand. After posting that on Facebook, a lot of my friends said that they read that book series as a kid. I...

Mar 28, 2020

Today, we take a little break from the podcast because we have a special guest reader. We welcome John back to the podcast as he reads us a story from Thornton W. Burgess. We get to learn a little bit about the rabbit family with Peter Rabbit, who is a cottontail, and Jumper the Hare, who is a snowshoe hare.



Mar 24, 2020

Here we are 3 stories deep into “The Snow Queen” and today we come across a character who could be good or could be bad, I'll leave it up to you to decide what she is.






Story (PDF):

Mar 22, 2020

Today, we delve into the second story of “The Snow Queen.” While reading this, I kept reflecting on the scene from the 2005 film“The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”, in which Edmund was riding in the sleigh with the White Witch. I know this isn't that story but that's what popped in my head. Anyway, in...

Mar 18, 2020

If you have little kids, I'm going to assume that you have seen one or both of the “Frozen” movies, produced by Disney. Did you know that the movies were based on the story of “The Snow Queen,” written by Hans Christian Andersen? Well if you didn't, now you know. Today is the first of the seven stories. Over the...